Sunday, April 24, 2011

#123 - Flash hypnotic sissifycation

not a big quality, not music or voice guide, however a classic long flash hypnotic video!
try the pause botton to read every hyonotic order,
maybe you'll discover the hidden world inside you!

many thanks to Anonymous(coolus), Lola, Sam and Sissy Cindy, to sign my guestbook today!
kisses and hugs


  1. wow, that´s very fast. I think it must be slowed down a little, but I did what you suggested Anna, and with pausing it, it has very nice powerfull pics. I watched it together "cocksuck.mp3" from hypnoticwishes. Kisses, Lola

    that's what it actually is

    it could be viewed with "subviewer" program, it can be found somewhere on yahoo groups

  3. Lola hyonoticwishes has a lot of this kind of hypno flash animations!
    what i like more in this kind of movies it's to discover the secret messages as you have done!
    thanks again

  4. I'm spoiled by all the great vids with sound now, but this is very sexy and hypnotic. I'm sure more of it is registering than I consciously realize.

  5. I find that these Hypno flashers really do work to reenforce your desires to do these things.

    If it was against your nature they would not work nor could you be made to do them against your will just from watching alone.

    I love these keep up the great work


  6. I wish this wasn't so fuzzy because it would rule!


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