Saturday, April 16, 2011

#106 - Mistress castrates her slave!

dont worry, however it's always fiction! :D


  1. The notion that castration or eunach injury smiting or sexual assault is always play or fiction is false or misleading. Please advise your viewers that such injury as harm to or theft of the family jewels, by slicing open the scrotum and "manpussy" jack the ripper rape is perfected, patented procedure of criminal minded, who sacrifice or persecute the weathered "lambs of God" which leaves the victim silenced and beheaded in the subsequent crime investigation, and is often left agoraphobic and misunderstood by the large bit of the population that won't believe such injury is real instead of pretend. Its a real challenge to a man's ego and rites, and is the often mafia referenced Columbian necktie below the bible real and tangible reality and bible scripture, biblically medieval

  2. you did it for me, than many thanks!


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