Friday, April 15, 2011

#104 - the Tube

For the shemale daily video my choise is another time on an asian movie!
In a certain way this movie is ridicoluos, with funny cocks an an unreal scene in the tube.
In another way it catchs me at all, by this sensual situation of seduction in public!
There is something charming by the way she try to resist to passion!
i mean, tentamption is always seductive, expecially for a sissy! :D


  1. The asian women are sexy. i love the little red clitty. i want to suck them.

  2. Michelle nice to read you again! :D
    kisses Anna

  3. I think the fact the other people in the car played it so cool like this happens all the time.

    Pay no attention

    Interesting and hot for sure I fantasize about a encounter like this now and again

    Kisses Carla


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