Tuesday, April 26, 2011

#128 - Metamorphosis by Felicia Leightner

Just for Shannon..
Pat Metheny music, a relaxing atmosphere, the lovely touch of Felicia.
This video intrigues me a lot, it has the concept that i like more:
the radical transformation form the caterpillar to the butterfly!
there is something better?!?

this is one of my favorite video in general, thanks Felicia!
also thanks to Anonymous "fresh bottle of poppers" (lol), Fluffurnutt, Edgar,
Samantha, Stephanie and again Lola, to sigh my guestbook today!
dont you know how is important for me to read your voices and support!
a big kiss Anna


  1. Thank You for addressing me, that is very kind of you to respond to my post I honestly did not expect to be acknowledged. The message I get from this video is really all about Ms Danielle Foxx, whom I use to comment with on occasion when she use to blog on You Tube a few years back. I became as familiar with her as was allowed at the time I think. Personally, I think she is Fabulous!!! I watched her as much as she would allow anyone too on You Tube while she posted there collaborating her ideas. This was before she established herself in the Adult business and I remember her sharing and putting her ideas and endeavor together seeking and creating her success in the Adult Industry. I watch her videos and being Transgender myself am envious and personally desire to one day achieve anywhere near the Transition she has accomplished as a Transexual/Transgender Female! She looks Fabulous very much a Beautiful Female... Would'nt she be fun to have Sex with? Thank You I enjoy most of the things you post here I am in Transition and seek Feminization in all areas of whom I am...*****ShAnNoN*****

  2. Oh Yes..... I would like to add; I am very much of the same concept and mindset as she has depicted:


  3. ohhhh such a arousing video. I don't know if I could resist her if she would like to fuck me like a girl. uhhhh
    giggle, I am getting more and more aroused by these ideas.

    xxx martin

  4. Shannon as i said..
    it was just for you (and for me too) :D

  5. It's my fixed idea, Martin,
    and it's a wonderful idea indeed!
    thanks again

  6. After watching this video I have decided being a sissy slut. thank you


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