Friday, April 29, 2011

#136 - Mandy Mitchell II - Lesbian love

Daily Shemale's video is dedicated again to Mandy Mitchell and to the lesbian shemale's sex!
I like so much this video because it's quiet soft erotic and not truly porn!
I suppose that seduction, the pure Erotism, is really better to see that hard rock explicit sex!
enjoy, if you like it!
thanks for your comments


  1. This is one of the hottest videos I've ever seen! Makes me wish I had a sweet sissy playmate who lived with me. Anyway I love the blog, stop by two or three times daily.

  2. This video was very erotic for the same reasons posted by you Anna & the poster above me. I am def a lesbian gurl 1st but, love girls & guys a ton also. I absolutley love & adore Mandy big time. THank you so so much from Noel much love as always xoxo

  3. Just brilliant I love these videos of Mandy and adore her and want to be her lesbian gurl too. Thank you Anna for all you do for us gurls Emily xxx


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