Friday, April 22, 2011

#119 - Sissy rules

Tonight something quiet fatish and quiet hypnotic
eight rules to cum for a Sissy!
follow the rules sissies!

maybe the clip is too long and not complitely effectve,
however, even if a sissy generally doesnt cum,
the only idea to have rules, in order to cum, makes me horny! ;D
thanks to all the followers, you are everyday more
and everyday more you make me really glad to please you!
kisses Anna


  1. huuhh, giggle, that is a fine way to cum. Although I didn't dare to follow all the rules. It is like, totaly arousing

    xxx martin

  2. So So Video, EXCELLENT Rules! Dressing slutty, fucking my ass and eating my warm spunk are certainly essential components of my masturbation routine!

  3. Martin, everyday we are able to learn something new, isnt it?
    by an open mind and not only! ;D
    a kiss
    yours, Anna

  4. Anonymous i'm happy you like it!
    indeed, of this video, i like only the concept!
    many thanks


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Kisses Anna

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