Thursday, April 7, 2011

#89 - Hypno session!

From xhamster an unusual hypnotic video for boys and girls!
it's soft and gentle, but, as a virus in your computer, it's able to corrupt you from inside!

more then 2000 page views today, thanks
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kisses Anna


  1. This video is sooo relaxing, I totally like it, all my tensions are gone, although I almost fell alseep while watching it. Huhh I think I have to play Jordan 500 again, giggle.
    And I have to think what to write in my new profile, it looks soo naked. huhh I feel so funny right now
    Thank you anna

    xxx martin

  2. Dear anna
    Thank you so much for all the work on your site. it has kept me alive for hours now. I want you to know I love anything Mistress Shelly does and think her hypno stuff always puts me on top. Thanks again.
    xoxo Dorothy

  3. Dorothy, thanks for this feedback!
    words like yours are my engine! I'm really glad you enjoy it! :D
    Kisses Anna

  4. hi anna if it wasnt for your site i wouldnt know what to do - so thankyou so much for your time and effort i appreciate your work - lots of love flame


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