Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#131 - MistressT pov humiliation - Eat your own cum

Something different from Lexi Lapetina (my favorite), but effective indeed.
This Mistress catched me at all some weeks ago.
She is so frosty and so penetrating at the same time.
she conduced me to madness and i hope you too
thanks a lot for your comments and support, i'm doing my best to well entertain you!
a big kiss


  1. huuuhh, I could not do it, ... blushing deep, just tried licking a finger. omg, it didn't taste too bad. I should stop this. I had to take care not to make a mess on my lingerie. huhhh
    sooo hot.

    xxx martin

  2. ahah Martin you are to humorous! As every sissy, I'm sure you are able to clean your lingerie! :D
    kisses Anna

  3. What's her name?

  4. oh of course, I take good care of my lingerie. Even the hand washing of the items is arousing.

    xxx martin

  5. I dried up years ago so none to have from me. But I will always swallow a black man's hot, delicious, potent and wonderful cum.

  6. This one's not Mistress T.

  7. i fall for all British Women. love this humiliation

  8. I always have the problem that when the moment comes i chicken out :$


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