Sunday, April 24, 2011

#122 - Erotic Dream

Daily Shemale's video is dedicated to the erotic dreams or nightmares!
Nocturnal emissions are frequent for every sissy that lives in chastity!
the more you dont cum, the more you increase the probability to have one!
In my case when i have a nocturnal emission generally it's for a nightmare.
i generally dream about monsters or devils or zombies that pursue me and chase me.
at the end they catch me, and the final result is that i wake up wet! ;D
instead which is your frequent erotic dream?!? do you wanna tell me?
a big kiss


  1. very few of the files exist. Is there a problem on my end or with the links? Thanks!

  2. link is dead ;< would really like to see this. do you know the name of the video? or maybe u can find it again?

    love your blog! love love love


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