Thursday, November 17, 2011

#720 - Boobs hypno by Felicia Lightner

our thursday appointment.. with Felicia Lightner..
what a beautiful idea to dedicate a special day to her, isn't it?!
well, video of tonight.. is another little masterpiece..
not easy to find.. a subliminal induction treatment to boobs
wouldn't you like to have a beautiful breast?!..
wouldn't like to be closer to a perfect woman?!
as usual, a special thanks to our little heroin..
take a look to the beautiful site of Felicia Lightner ;)))

Anna Malice


  1. Great vid :)
    Makes me feel more girly <3

  2. Eh, it's better than some of the recent FL ones, at least this one was not just scrolling text over someone else's video or boring slow text over crap video with shitty music

    This reminds me of presets (which I think FL is big into)

    There was a period where FL had some really good stuff, hoping she is getting back into the grove.

  3. I love FL's videos and also this one, boobs make me feel so feminine. Thank you Anna please keep them coming. Emily

  4. Excuse me while I chime in with my two cents. I must disagree with some of the detractors above. I did enjoy the video. I thought it was a good example of the style of hypno-videos of which inspired the creation of this web site in the first place. I thought it was good all the way through with pictures, sound track, and captions fulfilling the intent of creating an hypnotic experience and implanting the desired message into one's subconscious. Now of course if any of this is really true is of course debateable but it's a fantasy, meant to be fun, and is a rather unique fetish that I'm sure is not going to appeal to everyone. I for one do enjoy and appreciate Felicia's hard work and style in offering us these types of videos and Anna's efforts in scouring the web and gathering them all in one place. Now of course we're all entitled to our own opinion, but Jesus Christ, how about showing some manners when critiquing someone else's work!- pussyboi

  5. I like this vid. I wish it had voices mixed in. I like how voiced get to me.

  6. "Fuckin' awful!" I thank you for your brutal honesty. I dont get enough of it. I hope you check back & read this comment. If you do PLEASE click my pic & send me an email & if you dont mind , tell me what you hate about it. If more people would tell me what they didn't like (& like) I could better tailor these things. Of course, if you think my vids all suck, period. I can't do much about it. I kno I can't please everyone with every video. I dont try. One man's boob is another man's cock. Unfortunately, I'm not a porn star so I can't make my own content & must gleen from others. I wish I could.

    This boob one isn't playing right, tho. It sticks. In xVideos & Megaporn. My home copy plays very smoothly. And TY pussyboi, I did indeed try to emulate some of the first preset hypnos I ever saw on Adult Hypnotic wishes.

    Oh..& undergirl...I SO wish I had a girlie voice (I'm working on it) I'd LOVE to do voice overs! (those Isabella does are so good it's scary) I'm really running out of ideas & a voice over beats text by a mile.

    Anyway gurls. Thanks for watching & commenting & KEEP IT UP! And as always, thank you Anna for working so had on this blog.

  7. In truth i would liked to delete the first comment..
    probably from a snotty.. young and without any sense of respect!
    i find it.. in a certain way.. truly offensive!
    anyway.. when i read it.. tonight.. it was too late.. discussion started before..
    I don't really find this video bad or awful..
    it's simply and direct.. old style.. as old style were sissyfication gifs..
    not for this reason.. is terrible.. otherwise i find it really evocative..
    a soft and charming induction.. as i would like to see.. most
    not every hypnotic video must propose.. explicit heavy porn stuff..
    you video are often really great!
    I love your taste Felicia.. none has the right to offend you!
    this kind of people are simply cowards.. or too young and silly..
    they are not able to undestand.. they only must be grateful to you..
    anyway people that is too coward to not write his name.. it isn't worthy of any attention..
    Felicia don't miss your precious time with him..
    probably he is the classic young parassite still living with mummy and daddy..
    Sometime i think it's really a pity to leave this blog free to surf to everyone..
    respect is the first thing!

  8. change of mind!
    I decided to delete the comment!
    on the other hand, TOS is really explicit about it
    bye bye anonymous coward! ;))

  9. Anna, you are too sweet!

  10. Wow makes me want big teen boobies wowza

  11. i love the both of you different styles but great in your own way.

    there will always be ass holes .

    You do a great service I love those that say they don`t like something but can`t give a real reason.

    Kisses Carla

  12. I like most of this type of hynotic vids. especially the way the pics flashing in rythim with the music good effect. Now I must go and get some hot sexy boobs. Thank you both for you dedication to this blog.

  13. love this video and others posted ..thank you felicia and anna for providing these vids for those of us who need a bit of encouragement in relating to our true selves .. as someone who has been dressing for many years it is comforting to find a site or sites that help me understand my passion, desires, cravings and needs and help enforce the same beautifully
    again my thanks
    with love

  14. Wow! What a great vid! I want BIGG BOOBS! Please let me know if there are any other Boobie vids...maybe one with lactation. Keep up the great Work! Kisses Jasmine


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