Tuesday, November 22, 2011

#735 - MistressT - Cum for me by Annamalice

Simply, effective, without excuses..
MistressT, for me, but not only for me,is always magnetic and sensual..
here my last experiment.. working on an arousing clip..
I've tried to give a personal revisitation..
I had not enough resources to make exactly what it was in my mind..
anyway.. in my opinion, even if it sounds... evil taste..
this tecnique looks really interesting..
about final subliminal result.. i'm not sure.. then forgive me, if you don't really like it..
let me know what is your impression and what do you think about it..
here her original video..
enjoy! ;)))

Anna Malice


  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!! plain and simple <3
    Anna you are the greatest

  2. Spectacular effect! LOVED it!

  3. "Another fail.
    Enough with Lexi, Madeline, Minxie, MistressT and any others like them. "

    enough with you.. anonymous.. ungrateful idiot!!
    your comment is banned, what do you want here?!?
    let me understand..
    do you want a specific type of videos.. exactly for your taste.. ?!?
    do you want daily posting of extra quality videos.. for you only?!?
    let me know exatctly your taste.. please..
    and starting to beg.. to beg.. and to beg more... because I'm not here to satisfy you..
    let me remind you this site is totally free!
    create your own blog... or go to a paysite..
    otherwise you must pay me.. and pay me expensive!
    without any respect as always.. because you are only a pretentious ungrateful idiot!
    ohh I'm forgetting..
    next time, sign your comments with your name, you coward..
    of course, i don't want anything from you... only get lost from here!!!

  4. Anna - I love what you do, and I love what you are. I thank you thank you thank you for all you have given me.

    You asked for comments. So please forgive me.

    I am not a sissy because a woman orders it. I don't care what women think.

    I am not a sissy because women want me to be, I am a sissy because *I* want to be.

    Hearing what women WANT me to be turns me off and makes me sick: women said they want men to be more feminine, but they are only whores who want men to wear panties and pay them.

    These dommes like Lexi, Minkie, and MistressT are women who can't attract real men, as I CAN. They are jealous: no man with a penis would get anywhere near them, since they are angry, hard, bitter, nasty, unfeminine women!

    I am a sissy because I can be more feminine than a modern woman who refuses to wear a dress.

    I am a sissy because I can be more sexy than a modern woman who refuses to wear makeup, pierce her ears, wear high heels, and act like a woman.

    I am a sissy because I can offer MORE to a man than a modern woman, and get MORE from a man in return.

    I am a sissy because I can get MORE cock, and be MORE happy with that than a modern woman.

    I do not care what these FEMALES think I should be, I think it is sexist and disgusting that they think they can tell me what to be.

  5. Hello, I have been viewing for a long time but never spoke up before. Very interesting concept with this video. I would love to see one that is set up like this but points towards being a sissy, wearing panties, and cock addiction. Maybe even added text to help out with the message.

    great work and I love the site.

  6. Anna,

    Don't pay attention to bad comments. Just delete them.
    We love your blog. We love you !

    Keep on the good work.

  7. Excellent Anna! Close up to a beautiful woman gets my juices flowing, then hearing her want me to cum had me close to cumming in seconds & I came in my panties WAY before she wanted me to! Sorry...

  8. WOW ! THAT was awesome ! I loved the effects & I did cum a huge load sooo bad. Great job Anna. Thanks big time Anna. love ya & all yuor vids Anna. From Noel - xoxo


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