Friday, November 18, 2011

#723 - Tara Tainton gay induction - Savor a Mouthful of Cum

Long and lovely induction to cock and cum..
Tara Tainton conduce you to a wonderful cum eating instruction
fantasizing about receiving real men mess..
a nice pov humiliation video with a slow countdown!

Anna Malice

PS. don't miss the new hypno premiere of tomorrow night! ;)


  1. I love her freckled shoulders. I crave cum.

  2. Holy cow, that was hot! Best stroking I've had all week.

  3. i like her style. She's sweet, seductive, and erotic. Much better than the bitches that yell at you though I do find them humorous- sometimes.
    Tara had me fantasizing about working at a gloryhole and receiving a continuous file of huge anonymous cocks, and I having to work eachone of them to get my hot creamy reward!
    I'm such a cum slut!- pussyboi

  4. SO SEXY , more Tara please


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