Tuesday, November 15, 2011

#713 - Fernanda Rubio

Another hot shemale actress: Fernanda Rubio
(AKA: Nanda,Fernanda Rubia,Fernanda Lima).
great clip.. with romance and sex..
I adore french kisses.. before, during and at the end.. of love! ;)

Anna Malice

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  1. Definately a good find. I haven't seen Nanda in along time. It's good to see that she's keeping busy. One thing i liked best about her is that she has a really adorable little baby dicklette. Personally I don't think she has any business sticking that limp little cutie into anything but a pair of panties, but as we see in this video she manages to keep her clittie hard enough for a little role reversal. Its not the role I like seeing feminized sissies playing but I guess that's just me. Thankfully that nonsense only lasted for a brief interlude before Nanda's man remembered who has the balls in this bedroom and proceeds to give our gurl what she really needs, and that's a big hard cock deep in her boi pussy. Our pretty little sissy shows off her pussy power by taking that hard cock in multiple positions before accepting his cum all over her enviable breasts. I would have liked to have seen our gurl relishing that hot cream all over her pretty face but it is what it is. Maybe next time she will be up to the challenge. Overall, a good video but I feel she could have been gone that extra mile.- pussyboi


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