Friday, November 11, 2011

#701 - Mandy Mitchell VII

yes, sometime i have fixed ideas..
Mandy Mitchell of course.. I love her..
again, here.. for the shemale's video of today
Mandy and Christian.. a wonderful hot duo! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. I just loved the contrast between Mandy's soft, sweet little clittie and that huge, hard man-cock. She definitly knew which one of the two was the man in that bed and she dutifully licked and sucked his organ as any weak little fem-boi would knowing her proper role. I felt so proud for her each time she took that mammoth meat inside her; listening to her squeal with pleasure each time it disappeared from sight! I believe I squealed a few times myself! I loved watching her submitting her ass to that hard muscled hunks enjoyment. Unfortunately the video ended before our two lovers had their fill as I would have liked to see Mandy drenched with a huge load of cum all over her darling face. That stud had some huge balls so I know our little sex kittten would have had a generous treat.- pussyboi

  2. Christian's cock is a beautiful specimen I would be delighted to suck and be used by. Note to the guys: nice cocks and clean muscle build men are the fuckables we girls crave....hehe! Thx for posting Anna!

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