Saturday, November 12, 2011

#704 - Talita Huston

Talita Huston (AKA: Talita Hilston) for the Shemale's daily video!
A wonderful trio.. with this fabolous red head actress!
Beautiful models.. and BBC.. are always well accepted here.. ;))

Anna Malice


  1. Aggain fantastic I dream of being used like that x

  2. one of my favorite videos on the internet. bravo

  3. great video Anna. I love redhead girls & bbc. I wish I was a redhead girl like her & doing what she was doing. - Noel xoxo

  4. What a little femme-boi flirt! When Talita comes in with her fuck-me heels and tight little booty shorts and begins teasing these horny muscle studs you know that they are not going to take no for an answer. Once they take out that hard man meat Talita knows who the REAL MEN are and what a weak feminine sissy's job is in this situation. she immediately begins devouring those beautiful throbbing specimens of manhood with both mouth and ass. I personally love a big pair of balls in comparison to my tiny little peanuts and when Talita started licking and sucking those big swollen balls I almost lost it! We feminine pussies really need to show respect to the balls of a dominant alpha male. Licking and sucking those swollen trophies of masculinity to increase the load of sperm we are hungry to receive as our reward( yummy!). Anyway I lost my train of thought. Definately a hot video of cute femme-boi giving total pleasure to a couple of sexy muscle hunks! Enjoy!- pussyboi

  5. One of my favourite scenes of all time!!! Love the girl, she's so pretty and girly. And those cocks, so big and delicious. Got some good DP and ends up cumming on her back, my favourite position to end up in....


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