Tuesday, November 29, 2011

#EOT - End of transmissions

For all the people.. who really love and appreciate this blog!
You have besieged me.. with hundreds and hundreds of emails.. actually 709!!!
ok.. you won!! blog is opened again!.. (there weren't invitations to anyone, before)
to be clear..
I'm not fed up.. of bad honest criticisms..
I'm not fed up.. of absence of comments..
I'm not fed up.. of bad ratings as an honest judgment..
I'm not fed up.. of this daily hard job
I'm not fed up.. because i'm weak.. or a moody person.. or with mental distress..
and i'm not psychologically unstable! these are only silly legends!

now, let me explain you.. some considerations
you are more of 6 thousands everyday.. i'm one!!
and i'm alone.. with my only resources..
as it should be logical and expectable.. I'll not continue with my blog forever..
i have written this on the TOS.. my site had a begin.. and will have an end..
this is the editorial line.. daily posting.. until the end..
for a certain time.. with a certain end!
and as i told you in the TOS..
this cut off.. was the general test.. of what it will happen in the close future.
for me this is only an interesting experiment! mainly utopian.. of course!

there been a big misunderstanding!
maybe you have considered my job foregone!
let me tell you.. this site is not foregone! it’s nothing like that at all!
maybe you have not understood how hard is.. to conduce this daily posting..
one of the reasons because I closed this blog..
is just to try to make you understand how much is difficult to find daily new stuff to watch!
another misunderstanding...
you are free, as always, to explain yourself with your polite comments!
I never been a tyrant or a dictator..
don't be afraid to explain your honest and polite ideas..
I don't really want personal tributes..
it's not really necessary to write me thanks.. i don't care about compliments!
Request of comments are my utopian try to involve you in this project..
in any case comments about pretentious requests.. are not allowed!
one of the things i don't really tolerate.. is to be considered your maid servant!
the last misunderstanding
with rare exceptions, i don't produce the videos you watch..
don't ask me to produce videos for you!
how is it possible to think i can produce something explicit for your tastes?!?
I don't know how is possible to ask me so frequently something like this..
there are a lot of people that think i come from another planet! I'm from planet earth!

the meaning of respect!
maybe the most of you consider this blog as a paysite.. with a free pass!
and because it's free.. with rights to offend me or to demand more or better!
this is not a paysite.. you have no rights on me and on my job, here!
I don't want to gain and i don't want to be popular..
these weren't my original goals!...
i would only liked to create a place to share videos.. just for fun!
without pressures!
I'm really surprised to look at people that want, pretend and demand better and more great stuff!!
bad comments about me, mine or felicia's videos.. are not really pleasant.. ok, it's life..
but.. private messages with bad words.. is too much!! that's enough!

Editorial line and co-editors!
from the beginning.. my editorial line about this site was a daily posting..
i think a serious blog.. must be daily updated!..
anyway I can't post daily hypno files.. they are truly rare!!!
not all the hypno files have a superb quality..
it should be nice.. to not pretend and to not demand high quality in any post!
it's should be nice.. to not pretend and to not demand anything!!
otherwise to post femdom's videos is required.. to mantain a daily posting..
there is a small part of the followers that like this kind of video! and me too..
if you want to change this editorial line.. become a co-editor..
and contribute to manage this blog with me! I'm open to contributors..
if you dont give anything.. you have no rights to demand and to pretend.. anything back!

that's all!

trasmissions begin again.. on 30 november at 4.00 PM.. Pacific Coast time
with a video about Maitresse Madeline, femdom type!
end of messagge!!

Anna Malice

ps. I'm almost sure that what i have written here will be totally unuseful..



  1. I hope when you do decide to stop posting everyday you'll keep the blog up, though. You got some of my favorite stuff here, babygirl.

  2. thank god. I was wondering what happened and why I could no longer follow your blog. Thanks for coming to your senses sweetie.

  3. Oh my. Anna, I have loved and appreciated your blog all year. I am so grateful for your hard work. You are an angel and I wish you happiness and peace. I'm sorry that I've not thanked you earlier.

  4. Snatch.. many thanks..
    but this site will not have a stop!.. it will be deleted!

  5. Apb.. please dont tell me thanks.. really, it's not necessary!
    I havent opened the site and I hadn't closed it for this reason!
    grazie, ciao

  6. I am a moderator on newfapchan which you frequent. I appreciate what you do and was a fan of yours long before i became a moderator. There were some nasty things said to you on there (some so bad i deleted them)and im sure as well on here but we really enjoy your work and even if there are some complainers and whiners i want you to know that the /fe/ board at nfc will always appreciate your work ~ opmsdd

  7. Anna, Pace e amore. Io ti amo. Grazie.

  8. sending you lots and lots and lots of hugs!!!

  9. Thanks for re-considering. I definitely missed having your blog. I'll enjoy it for how ever long it exists.

  10. I wanted to thank you for everything that you do on this blog. I know it is not easy but again thank you for keeping the blog up and running. XOXOXOXO

  11. i do understand the pressure of running a daily blog. i used to do maintain one professionally. it's hard. and if you need help with editing or posting, i wouldn't mind lending a helping hand in 2012 (i'll be going to the hills of India with no internet for the rest of the year).

  12. Thank you, that much needs to be said. May I suggest that, once you are done, you find someone else to maintain the sight. Not necessarily update it, but keep it running. I can't count how many times I've gone back through old videos. Just consider it.

  13. Welcum back, amore mio!

    baci, fELICIA

  14. Thank you VERY much for all you do!!!!

  15. Thanks Anna! Your the best, keep up the good work
    It's not unappriciated

  16. Anna welcome back! I could not be happier this morning to find your site back open! I hope all your friends did make you feel wanted and loved. Your videos are amazing, and we all appreciate all the work you do! thank you so so much! We are all going to do a better job of writing you on your blog so you know how you are affecting our lives! thank you Anna!

  17. Sweet Anna.... you have brought me great happiness this morning.... a week of no Annamalice videos... a week of trying to hunt down my favs... i week of dreaming of trancing myself to your creations. For the record... i also (humbly) request you keep the site available if you ever decide to end your service. Your collection of hypno vids is the best and most complete collection anywhere... and your own creations are some of the best vids on this site... not complimenting to make you feel better.. just telling the truth as i see it.
    You have helped me become the sissy i am today. Finding your site released my inner gurl... and today i am owned by a TS Princess who trains me and keeps me as her online sissy. i wear panties everyday and cruise adult stores for cock. i eat cum.. every bj and every self spurt. i regularly train my pussy for the time when i can finally take a real cock. i know i am a girl. i know what i have missed all these years. i have YOU to thank for helping me sooo much.
    Please do not remove my training materials... this is my sissy school. i know it should be no pressure for you... so if you stop, i understand... but please... do not take away what we all have become addicted to.
    i love this blog. i love your efforts. i love being a gurl.
    (Dick Wadd -- 'nicolette pennysworth' in Second Life)

  18. I like your blog very much. But you don't need to focus to post every day! If you post every day, it stresses you, which is normal. I highly to reduce the posting and just to enjoy it. It would be much more spontaneously instead of "forced".

  19. Thanks for all your hard work and thanks for opening up your blog again. You do a great job.

  20. This is one of my fave blogs. So glad you came back.

  21. Happy to have you back Anna. I will enjoy you as long as you're here, miss you when you're gone and wish you the best in whatever you do. It's unfortunate that so many in this world who don't contribute are so critical of those who do, but I think you can tell by the outpouring of comments and emails you've received that your effort is appreciated and you can take pride in what you have done and will do. I wish I could be of assistance to you, but I'm afraid I don't know enough to be of help

  22. Thank you from france Anna

  23. Anna,

    Thank you for all you have done for all of us! You are a lighthouse in the fog for me... a shelter from the storm. Some may love the fantasy of your blog, some may live it, some may just like the videos and some may just love the hope you bring to them. Personally, I am all of the above.

    You will be missed... when that day comes.



  24. Thank you for your job. I've been visiting your blog since early November and came almost every day to see your new posts.

    When working hard on something, sometimes we have to take a break.

  25. I am so happy and glad that you are back. I missed you. I'm on the net only 2 hrs a day and you are one of my top 10 sites that I check first every time. I don't expect you to have something every single day. I write poems and I do try to write one every day, but some days there is nothing popping into my head.
    Bless U Muches!

  26. *big hug*

    I've been reading about a year or so and love it. love it love it love it.

    do as you wish, thats all any of us ask xxx

  27. thanks for allowing us back it's your site and if you don't update it daily that's fine with me just please keep it open


  28. thank you for reopen it i love your blog it the best on the net i hop keep it up if del it i will very sad about it and thank you again

  29. Thank you for allowing us access to your site, I really appreciate all your hard work xx

  30. Hi Anna, it's so nice to see you are back!! And I am glad the rumors of your mental distress were not true! Along with all the others. ;)

    I am really sorry to hear people are so negative.

    You give so much and if something here is not to ones tastes go find something that is! Dont kill the messenger!

    This site is a gift (as in FREE). Please respect the efforts. I have searched for these files. I have created my own. It's a hobby that can be very time consuming and not always fruitful. Try saying thanks now and again.

    I do, many, many, thanks Anna!!!! Richelle xoxo

  31. Anna, I can appreciate your comment that a serious blog must be updated daily. It reminds me of the line from Woody Allen's move Annie Hall: "A relationship, I think, is like a shark. You know? It has to constantly move forward or it dies."

    On the other hand, posting daily - not to mention, three times daily - and the concomitant effort required to find new content - is overwhelming! It's simply not sustainable in the long run.

    On the third (gripping) hand: what you have created here is a resource, and not just a blog. Even if you stopped adding new content, the collection of resources is significant in and of itself. There are sites that I keep returning to, even though they haven't been updated in over a year, because the content is amazing - for me, these sites are still alive.

    So, however you decide to resolve this dilemma, I hope that you think of a way to continue your legacy.

  32. Anna thank you soooooo much for allowing me to use your site without charge. These daily posts are beautiful and you deserve better than what people are giving you.I will always have a special place in my heart for your Blog

  33. Whatever you decide is right for you to do in the future about this amazing blog.....a thank you from me for happy and fun hours spent with the material you have gathered here. Exceptional job deserving anyones applause
    Hugs and love from Denmark

  34. Anna, I completely understand and, although you say you don't want thanks or praise, I can't help myself: Your blog and the hard work of the daily postings have been invaluable to me and my training. I am so very grateful as is both my wife and my master. THis has been an amazing blog and you are an amazing person! Thank you for everything and let me know if I can help in anyway!

  35. Dear Anna,

    Glad to see your blog open again ( for selfish and non-selfish reasons). Truly one of the most erotic internet sites on the web whether it is pay or free. I think you have no idea how exquisitely talented you are as an editor/creator of the "sissy" material you present on your blog. As a long time admirer/envier of Tgirls, I have rarely come across a site that could define the unique pyschological blend in the mind of these special creatures.I love your site from both an erogenous and empathetic connection. I can only hope that you find artistic and personal fulfillment doing this and continue.

  36. Thank you Anna for being back, and being there.

    Thank you for the time you dedicate to this blog.

    I've never posted a comment, this is the first time... and maybe it's because you never miss a thing until it's gone away.

    I really love your posts and what you are doing and i wish this thing could last forever.

    This is just to thank you. Thank you again.


  37. Glad you are back and just know your efforts arent going unnoticed or in vain.

  38. I'm super glad you're back. i love your site. you do such an amazing job.

    thank you


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