Thursday, November 3, 2011

#677 - Patricia Sereia III

One of the hottest shemale of the world
protagonist of our daily collection.
Patricia Sereia, the best! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. anna you are every thing for me mmy sex life goes on watching and be a fagg alone at home and i have great cumming ty and long live to my i love this

  2. Now that video was REALLY HOT!! Patricia Sereia is just perfect! And I mean perfect all the way down to her tiny little dicklette! Now if I started taking hormones when I was 13 then.... well anyway. So our little beach bunny meets this guy with like a really gorgeous dick- and lets just say that some really hot luvin' is now going on. It all caps off with our little mermaid(sereia) accepting her well earned reward all over her face and lips. She then rubs the remaining drops on her perky little breasts- muito gostoso indeed! I even found the 70's style soundtrack amusing. Definately a must see.- pussyboi

  3. Anna, I've only just discovered your wonderful site whilst searching for some info on Patricia. She has always been one of my all time faves, thank you for including her here. xx


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