Monday, November 14, 2011

#711- Think Pink by Sissy Couture

well, proud to host another masterpiece of Sissy Couture!
style and concept are always superb..
wonderful taste in every detail..
it's not the high quality final realise..
anyway i was excited to find and to post this clip.. for you, tonight! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. Wow!
    Such beautiful imagery.
    I really envy most of the girls in this video.

    Thanks for posting it Anna xxx

  2. I' ve never seen a bad video by Sissy Couture. This video was so amazing & done so well its krazy. Everything blended so nicely & the double audio & etc. I am also envy those girls in hat video soooo bad. Sissy Couture has to be the # 1 maker of vids like these well I think so anyways. I keep meaing to e-maili her & to thank her & praise her thru her e-mail but, I keep flaking on doing that. Thanks Ann for posting it on your blog. Noel xoxo

  3. Another great job. I love all of your work. Thank you for making my panties wet again. Looks like I should go do something about that now. xoxoxoxo

  4. Girls like these make pussyboi sad and jealous and I want to cry. It's just so hard trying to fix nature's mistakes. Just what was the Goddess thinking? :( -pussyboi

  5. wow, that is so awesome. Very sexy videos. I am just discovering this and I love it. Hope I can find more...

  6. does anyone know what happened to the sissy couture videos? i cant get them to work here or find them anywhere online and i am totally addicted to them.

  7. Hello Ms. Anna, Any Chances YOU will Repost this video??? Thelink for this broke rite after it posted and it was sooo fun to view. If you do I hope it is not alot of work for you to do so. Much Luv Big Hugs.... *****ShAnNoN*****


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