Thursday, November 10, 2011

#698 - Jessica Fox II

Nice curious situation for the shemale's video of today
Jessica fox is again protagonist with her sensuality and beauty!

Anna Malice


  1. WHat a totally great sports tak show. Jessica Fox is great & amazingly beautiful & that guy mr. longwood xD had a nice cock. Big Thanks Anna for finding & posting this - Love Noel xoxo

  2. So that's what it takes to get your own talk show. Now that I know that i think I'll be able to get "Late Night with Pussyboi" on the air soon. I just love hard penetrating journalism, don't you? Anyway Mr. Longwood turns the tables on our pretty sissy hostess and does some probing of his own. We see that Longwood is more than just a family name and that our lovely Miss Jessica has done her homework. She is well prepared to take all that Mr. Longwood has to dish out. She moans and screams with delight as she obviously loves her work. I guess there are somethings that they don't teach you in journalism school but you can rest assured that Miss Fox has her bases covered. Definately an entertaining video. Now I would like to thank my in home audience and wish you all a wonderful evening.Until next time!- pussyboi


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