Friday, August 5, 2011

#430 - Daily Hypno Gif 3

Daily hypno gif collection number 3

Anna Malice


  1. i really enjoy these recent hypno gifs. I believe it's a return to an actual attempt at a true hypnotic video than the music videos which, in my opinion, are more of a form of entertainment than possessing any real hypnotic quality. After all, I don't think techno dance or pop music has any real value in producing a hypnotic trance state in the listener. At least that's my experience.-pussyboi

  2. Oh silly sissy pussyboi.... giggles!.... i TOTALLY disagree! These short hypno gifs ARE hot! and they do it for me when i can access them. But lover --- there is NO substitute for Anna's wonderful creations - i watch EVERYDAY!.

    Anna love - thank you for keeping this blog open (in any format!) i love it and return daily for my hypno cravings. i now am on SL as a femm pre-op, i have an online boyfreind, and i can take the shampoo bottle (Giggles! - He's my Big Black Cocked Lover in my mind!).

    Thank You and Felicia for all you do. Luv You ALL!

    (i've changed my name to something sexyier! used to be Dick Wadd, but he was ugly!)


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