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#478 - Sissy Story 4 - Turned into a Sissy Slut

During the month of August i decided to post some interesting tails
about feminization, sissification and other erotic stories! this is the number 4
I hope you like it! ;)

Anna Malice

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Turned into a Sissy Slut

My name is Mark. I'm 19, and am around 140 lbs, thin, with a kind of girly ass. I began to fully embrace my love of dicks by watching hours of gay porn and at the same time embraced my feminine side by buying and hiding a lot of women's clothes. Still, by the time I was 18 and going off to college, I had not done anything with a man. It's not that I didn't want to or that I was scared, I just didn't know any gay or bi people around my neighborhood.

Luckily I was able to get a single room with a bathroom so I had plenty of privacy to dress up like a girl. I also managed to get a job on campus so I had some extra spending money coming in. My semester was already paid for due to a nice scholarship I earned. Otherwise, I never knew my parents, and the last foster parents I lived under were definitely not going to help me out now that I was 18. My first weekend I got one of the older dudes in my dorm to get me some vodka and I used the money I had left over to get a nice six-inch dildo, some lube, and a pink thong that said "cockslut" on it.

Before long I was lying on my bed, a bit drunk, with my legs spread while I inched in my dildo. I was dressed really slutty and had my new "cocksucker" thong on. It felt great and I closed my eyes imagining some hot guy was lying on top of me fucking my brains out. I was really turned on but I wanted to take it to another level. I had chatted with other gay and bi dudes in chat rooms for a long time, but the alcohol persuaded me to check out if there were any local people around. I pulled my laptop onto my bed and logged into a chat room for gay and bi guys.

I typed in my information into the main chat and gave my location and then waited for a while, positioning my dildo against the wall so I could just move my hips against it so it would still penetrate me. I was getting really hot and moans escaped my lips as all six inches were inside me. Before long I got a private message from a guy named JockCock22.

JockCock22: What's up slut?

I looked for a minute and was a bit surprised. It seems like I should have thought that was a rude thing to say, but it turned me on. I wasn't interested in romance, I just wanted some dick. We talked for a while longer and it turns out that he was 22 and lived on campus. He said he was bi but just liked to have sex with guys and he had only fallen in love with girls. He told me he just loved to fuck a hot asshole and have his dick sucked.

Before I could reply he invited me to view his webcam and I quickly accepted. I was pleasantly surprised to see a long, thick cock and huge balls greet me as the screen loaded. It looked like it was around 8 inches long and I found myself moving myself back and forth against my dildo frantically, as I got excited.

JockCock22: You like what you see?

BiSissy: Dude, oh my god...

JockCock22: Think you could take it?

BiSissy: I'm a virgin lol, I dunno. But I love it.

JockCock22: Mmm, love fucking some virgin ass. I'll make you loose after a while. Show me your ass.

BiSissy: I dunno...

JockCock22: I wasn't asking, slut. Turn on voice chat too.

Again, I should have been pissed off or at least turned off, but I loved the way he was talking to me. I had spent too many nights jacking off dreaming of cock to back down now. I obediently turned on my webcam and voice chat and got on my hands and knees facing away from the webcam. I wiggled it a bit and spread my cheeks for him.

"Nice ass, bitch" I heard him say.

I crawled back to my computer and said thanks. He told me that he had actually seen me around campus and had thought I looked a bit feminine. He switched off the cam and voice chat and typed...

JockCock22: Clark Hall, #222. Be here in 20 minutes.

I was feeling a bit reluctant, so I took a sip of vodka and that got me over it.

BiSissy: Ok :D, but I need to change first.

JockCock22: No deal, slut. You can wear something over the clothes you're going to wear, but I want you dressed up in your most slutty clothes.

JockCock22 has signed off.

I was so excited. I got up and pulled on a really short black skirt that barely covered my girlish ass and a tight black tank top. I covered them up with a sweatshirt and sweatpants, took another sip of vodka to calm my nerves and headed over to Clark Hall.

It was pretty late but there were still some people walking around. I felt like they all knew what I was doing and I felt like such a whore. I was going over to a guy I had never met to suck his cock and maybe more. I brushed the thought aside, because it turned me on more than anything.

I finally reached his door and before knocking I tied my shoulder length black hair into a ponytail. I knocked a couple of times and felt a little nervous, but I was also really excited. He finally answered and I was in awe. Here was a guy standing at least 6'2 and really muscular: a real man. Even better, he was totally naked. I gazed down a bit and saw his huge cock and was at a loss for words.

"Come on in, slut" he said as he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me in. "Drop the clothes."

I quickly took off my sweatpants and shirt and stood there in my short skirt and tank top looking like a total whore.

"mmm nice," he said as grabbed a handful of my ass and pressed himself against me. I felt his hard cock poking against my ass and it really turned me on. He reached around with his other hand to tweak my nipple and began to kiss my neck. I was so hot and my 5-inch cock was rock hard.

"My name is Joe," he said.

"I'm Mark," I replied.

"That's no name for a sissy slut. From now on you're Cindy."

With his hard dick pressing against me, I wasn't about to argue. Finally, he pulled me over to the middle of the room and started messing around with a camera.

"Um, what's going on?"

"We're going to make a little movie."

"I'm not sure..."

Before I could finish, he stood up and grabbed hold of his cock.

"Ok. Fine, then go. You don't deserve my cock."

I can't believe that had an effect on me, but it did.

"Ok, I'll stay."

He smiled. "Good, it's going on the internet too. That's not a problem is it?" With every word he jerked his cock.

"It's fine" I said as I stared at his cock.

"Get on your knees."

I obediently got on my knees and he positioned the camera facing me. He then turned to me and held out his cock.

I didn't need any instruction. I grabbed the long shaft of his cock and started jerking him off gently, loving how the feeling of another cock-especially one so much bigger than my own-felt in my hands. After doing this for a few seconds, I learned my head in and swirled my tongue around his cock head. It tasted great and my cock felt like it was about to rip my thong.

I put his huge cockhead into my mouth and began to suck a bit. It was better than I had ever imagined. It tasted a bit salty and I loved the texture of his dick. I started taking a little more in mouth, around four inches, and I was in awe that that was only half of his cock. It was a bit hard to handle as it was also really thick and this was my first time giving a blowjob, but apparently Joe didn't care much about giving me time to get used to it.

"Yeah, you like that slut?" he said. All I could do was moan back. He then grabbed my head and started pushing his dick deeper and deeper into me. I felt it touch the entrance of my throat and gagged a little, but this didn't stop him. I tried pulling my head back but he had a firm grip.

"If you don't learn how to do this now, you'll never learn," he said with a laugh as he kept pushing inch after inch of his hard cock into my mouth. Tears started forming in my eyes as I struggled with it, but finally I felt his huge nutsack rest against my chin and my face was buried in pubes. Even though it was uncomfortable, I felt a bit of pride about being able to swallow the entire thing and that made me horny again.

Before I knew it Joe started pulling his cock out of my throat and then ramming it again rapidly. I managed to get the hang of it a bit and started licking his cock up and down as it went back in forth in my mouth while sucking it. Every time he pulled out the most, I swirled my tongue around his cock head and swallowed down his precum. I really enjoyed that the best. I was kind of worried about how cum would taste, but it was yummy.

I was in heaven. After a while he started to slow down and I got a chance to really suck it for all it was worth. He started moaning and moved my head slowly back and forth all along his shaft. I was getting really into it and started looking up at him and moaning like I had seen girls do in porno movies.

After a minute or two he pulled his dick out of my mouth with a popping sound (I really didn't want to let it go) and I let out a slutty, surprised moan. He walked across the room and pulled his computer chair on it.

"Get on it and bend over, whore. I'm going to make you into a real woman now." He said, his voice filled with lust.

I readily obeyed and with my knees on the seat, bent over the back of it with my ass directly facing him. He walked back over to the other side of the room and got some lube from his drawer. He rubbed some on his fingers and started to finger me. I was already a bit loosened up from playing with my dildo earlier, but it still felt great. I let out a small moan and he got a third one in.

"Yeah, you like that?"

"oh oh, yes, please, please fuck me."

"Will do" he said as he pulled his fingers out, wiped the lube from his fingers on my ass, and then gave it a hard slap. I winced a bit, but it turned me on. I was really opening up and learning what I liked, and I guess spanking was one of the things.

Before fucking me, he moved his mirror in front of us. "I want you to see what you really are. I want you to see me turning you into a whore."

I really did look like a whore. My hair was all messed up, I was dressed like a slut, and there was this really lustful look on my face as I prepared to get fucked for the first time. He got behind me and grabbed a hold of my hips. I held myself in place as I felt his head poke my hole. While I had fucked myself with my dildo earlier, his dick was way thicker so it still took some getting used to.

It slowly slipped in, but he wasn't about to stop. I started panting and whining, this really hurt, and was totally the opposite of the way I imagined it being.

"Ow, my ass...ow, please, it's too big" I whispered. We were, after all, in a dorm room. I didn't want anybody to hear what was going on.

As I said that, he simply reacted by shoving three more inches in as hard as he could.

"EEEEEEE" I shrieked very loudly. "PLEASE, I CAN'T TAKE IT. PLEASE, I'LL SUCK YOUR COCK, I'LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT, PLEASE, OW, OW, OWWWW" I cried out, no longer caring about who heard me.

Joe simply took advantage of me having my guard down once again, grabbed my hips, and shoved all 8 inches of his dick into my ass. It hurt so bad that I pretty much just gave up. My body went limp and I just rested my head on the chair. It felt like someone had just shoved a brick in my ass. It was totally not what I thought it would be.

After wiggling his dick back and forth a few times, he pulled his dick out about halfway and started pumping my ass in and out. He started moaning and grunting as he went to town on my ass. I just leaned forward with my head down, whimpering every now and then. He started to smack my ass and say stuff like "you'll like it before long, slut, just wait, mmm, what a tight ass."

He was right. It started to hurt less so I began to relax. It started to feel ok, so I arched my back a bit and relaxed my ass, and then I felt the greatest feeling I had ever felt in my life. My whimpering quickly turned to groans, and I started moving my hips back to greet his thrusts.

"mmmm, oh yeah, oh yeah" I exhaled, as my cock got hard again.

"yeah you like that, babe" he said as he continued to pound my ass.

"mmmmmmahhh" was all I could manage to say.

I looked up and saw the mirror. I saw Joe's sweaty, muscled body and got even more turned on. It was my first time getting fucked, and it was with a really hot man. I realized how lucky I was and was glad to be his slut.

He slapped my ass again and said "tell me how much you like it" in-between breaths.

" my god....fuck me...please, fuck me...harder...harder...please."

By this point I didn't care who heard us. I probably wouldn't have cared if every guy in the dorm lined up outside his door to take turns fucking me.

"Tell me what you are." He said as he slapped me on the ass once again.

"I'm...a...oh yeah..oh yeah...right there daddy...I'm....a ...slut. I'm a cocksucking fag....I'm a whore...I'm your whore...ohhhh...eeeee"

I could barely form words. He noticed and just focused on fucking me, slapping my ass every now and then. I couldn't take it anymore and ended up cumming all over his seat. He wasn't too far behind. I felt his legs start to wobble a bit and then I felt what seemed like a gallon of cum shoot into my ass as he yelled "YEAH, TAKE IT."

We both laid down on the floor, both of our sweaty bodies together with his cock still buried all the way in my ass. Finally we caught our breath and he pulled out of my ass with a popping sound. He pulled me up near the chair again and pushed my head down to where I had came.

"Clean up your mess, baby." He said.

I obediently lowered my head and licked my load from the chair as I felt his softening cock brush up against my leg. We stayed in that position for a while as he rubbed my ass and told me what a good slut I was. After about 10 minutes, I got up and got dressed. We exchanged phone numbers and he told me he'd call me next time he wanted to get off and that from now on I was only to call him "master" "sir" or "daddy" and he reminded me that I was his slut. I nodded my head, smiling and blushing. I felt so amazing and my ass was still quivering from what had just happened.

He kissed me goodbye and I left. I had some trouble walking, but made it home ok. Luckily I didn't see anyone on the walk in, I can't imagine what I looked like. I unlocked my door, went in and passed out almost immediately. I was no longer a virgin.


  1. fantastic...stories

  2. nice story. i could sure identify with you, wnating to be taken like that. Hot!


  3. I'd love to break in virgin sissy ass like that!!!!
    Great story!

  4. That is the most wonderful sissy slut stud story that I want to happen to me. Oh wow! Thanks for posting Anna!

  5. i wish this was me , forced feminized exposed humilated blackmailed bankrupted, credit cards sent to my master and maxed out,401k empted, house sold, paychecks sent to my masters bank account,car sold, all male clothes giving to good will, forced to get huge breast implants, clit locked in cb6000, all passwords drivers licence, social secrutiy card and giving to my master ordered to go to dmv and change my name legally to (sissy pattie swallows) and get a newdrivers licence pic all with me dressed like a sissy hooker ,forced to give my 2 week notice at my job , and finally ordered to move into my masters house


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