Sunday, March 6, 2011

#25 - Bimbotization 2

another softly Bimbotization hypnosis video!
enjoy! (duration 3:24)


  1. oooo.......thats ME ! xxxxxx thanks babe

    wetcumkisses , barbie

  2. thanks for your comment Barbie! :D

  3. Holy Jeebus! I'm a gay bimbo now! This rules! Thanks Anna Malice!
    Yours in Sodomy,
    Richard "FatHitler" Scanlan

  4. It's truely amazing to think about it but this is every sissy's fantasy. We would trade everything to be pretty sexy bimbos. Totally feminine, frivolous, envied for our beauty by real girls, being able to go out in pretty, sexy feminine clothing- short skirts, high-heels, sexy lingerie. Our nails would be painted, our make-up perfect, wearing dresses which accentuate our breasts, small waists, and beautiful round asses. How lovely! It works for me!-pussyboi

  5. aw my gaga! is just so totally cool yay!!! thanks for share anna *giggles*

  6. Oh Thaht was wonderful. I am now a mindless fucktoy. Dumber than ever frilly cock sucker!!!


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