Thursday, March 10, 2011

#33 - You are a Girl

hypnotic suggestion on Lady GaGa song "Boys Boys Boys"
(duration 3:21)


  1. this video has a totally strange effect on me. I get so horny, but I don`t get hard.
    It is very hot, giggle

    xxx martin

  2. Hi Martin, the description of your inner state is the own normal condition for a sissy: being horny without getting hard, lol
    many thanks for this comment!
    kisses Anna

  3. It is a really good reinforcing vid. It builds, getting cummier and creamier. :-) The song adds such a nice flow too.

  4. As usual there is no actual hypnosis, it is just the idea of being hypnotized which is sexy.

    The chorus is hot, especially with cries of pleasure!

  5. wxhluyp of course.. maybe it's only fun, not a really hypnosis! However i think to be hypnotized because i cant resist to be here everyday! :D
    thanks for your comment

  6. i love so much can you send it to my e-mail please my e-mail is

  7. I don't know why I love this soooo much...I watch it every day...I only wish I could watch it on my iPhone too...thank you, sweetie...

  8. This video beautifully sums up my dreams and desires. To be a pretty girl dressed in sexy feminine clothes teasing all the hot boys-ohhh how delicious! I remember in my teen years, like today, i wore my hair long and in a somewhat feminine style, i was a thin petite weak little sissy, which is why the real girls were not attracted to me. I would wear tight jeans which would show off my curvy feminine pussy-ass and when i would walk down the street car loads of boys would honk and whistle, mistaking me for a girl. How proud i would feel! How exhilirating!
    Another time this boy told me that i would make a great girl and instead of being embarrassed or insulted i just smiled, again with such pride and joy! Even my mother would tell me when i was young that i should have been a girl. I never argued with that. This video seemed to bring back for me those pleasant memories. I just love being a pussy!-pussyboi

  9. we need more stuff that focuses on being a girl. then once we are all sexy in our panties and bras then we can suck cocks.

  10. ohh my god anna,you hit the nail right on the head!!!!!!i have never leaked so much into my sissy panties ever!!!!!i can't put it into words about how i feel watching this

  11. OMG Anna, this is one of my favorite videos. your choice of footage is great.



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