Wednesday, March 16, 2011

#45 - Lexi Mistress - Confess you are gay

Lexi discovers your homosexuality!

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  1. i love the humiliation this women inflict on me.

    everything she says cuts to the center of my sissy faggot cocksucking soul.

    this is the second time in just a few days you have compelled and controlled my actions...Thank You...for making me confess and feel free.

    Kisses, michelle

  2. Hi Michelle.. i confess you
    she has the same effect on me! :D
    thanks sweet friend!

  3. Right on pretty much every count. I've done all the things she describes!

  4. The general masochism is pretty annoying, I only like it in regards to feminization (especially attraction to men). I'd like to be her!

  5. i dont know why, but i like her, and that's all!
    Never thought to be her.. corious and interesing idea indeed!
    thanks wxhluyp

  6. I love her hair, and she's got nice body art on her ankle. I'm not into her as like, a dominant, but I have some ideas for how I can do my own teasing encouraging videos, minus the rudeness.

  7. I never knew how much I liked this sort of thing.thank you for expanding my sense of the erotic and putting me in touch with myself

  8. Love it so easy to obey after lexi commands and humiliates me

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