Monday, March 14, 2011

#41 - Lexi Mistress - Confess Sissy - POV Humiliation

Confess you are a sissy faggot, keep stroking and cum!
i love it!

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  1. YES YES YES !!!

    I'm a sissy faggot I confess.

    I can't wait for your next posts.

    I stroke, and cum stroke and cum messing my panties constantly.

    I love your taste in porn.

    How come you don't have more followers ?

    Kisses Michelle

  2. hi Michelle, so glad to have your comment (and what a comment), thanks a lot for your compliments, really happy you like my collage of videos.
    yes, this blog is really young, it doesnt matter, of course i hope the followers could increase during the time! :D
    thanks again

  3. Is there a male version of Lexi?

  4. I loved this video Anna. I do wear panties and stare at men's cocks much bigger than mine. I hope that their cum is plentiful in the way I could only squirt on a nipple of Lexi.

    You've great taste in porn.


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Kisses Anna

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