Monday, March 28, 2011

#69 - Enslaved sissy maid

for the hypnotic trip of the day a long movie, not really hypnotic, but evocative indeed.
Try to imagine how it's intense to transform you in a sissy maid under the power or your mistress.

indeed i prefer Master to Mistress, however this is it

PS: during the 56 minutes of this movie, obey to your interior voice and take a look down to the BBC Programmer, maybe just for a short look, but again and again.. more and more times!
it's a subliminal flash animation to trasform you in a perfect cocksucker, and believe me, it's effective, it'll conquer you at all.
In few times there'll be not going back! :D
cheers Anna


  1. A totally exciting video, I loved the corset and high heels training. That was making me so horny. Although I had to view it twice, because I switched too often to the bbc programmer. giggle, I am sure I would not suck these beautiful throbbing cocks, giggle
    thank you so much

    xxx martin

  2. Martin, a very special thanks to you!

  3. Heh, that's me who uploaded this movie :-[ Nice to hear somebody likes it.

  4. wow loved the movie but also the brainwash flash .. hope i didnt stare to long .. are there more .. luka


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