Thursday, March 31, 2011

#75 - Enslaved sissy maid 2

again for the hypnotic trip of the day a long movie.
Try to imagine how hot is to be managed, used and abused, as a sissy maid, by your mistress.

here another hypnotic flash animation, hypnotic suggestion that slowly transfor you in a perfect gurl! Wear panties become complitely feminine.


  1. every morning, the first thing i do is watching your blog. This video is soo hot, those lockable pink heels she wears are sooo cute. And, all the bondage is totally arousing for me. And for the flashes, I didn't realized that panties are soo beautiful, and sexy, and I think they are totally smooth on the skin.
    Thank you a lot

    xxx martin

  2. thanks you too, for the attemption.
    your words made me proud of what i'm making here!
    thanks a lot Martin
    kisses Anna

  3. And this one too :) great you enjoy it. Thank you for your blog.


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