Saturday, July 7, 2012

#1342 - Dungeons e Fetish - Being gay.. is not always the same thing..

Goodmorning sissies..
for the D&F collection of today i want to focus.. on a simple and delicious thing..
generally people think that being gay.. means that you prefer men to women..
it's a general definition.. an indefinite concept.. without facets..
but being gay.. it's not the same for everyone.. i mean.. we are not all the same..
infact.. i like men of course.. but, more than this.. i like to be feminine..
it's more than a sexual preference.. it's a sort of gender choise..
i like to be a sissy.. i like to be make love like a woman.. i like to be passive and taken..
i like to be a sexual object.. to dedicate me to men pleasure...
i chosen this fantastic gay clip.. because it represents so well what i mean..
between different gay boys.. here.. it's so clear who is the sissy.. isn't it?!?
because to be a sissy is a no way back.. means to be totally recognizable femme..
and it's what you are... and what you pretend to become..
So, this clip of today is just to remember.. you are not simply gay.. but, forever, a sissy fag!

Anna Malice


  1. You found the exact words to describe how we think, we are not gay, only "femme" that's all.
    Thanks for your blog

  2. Femme indeed... I agree...sigh..

  3. Very femme. What a lucky sissy to have two sexy men at the same time like that.

  4. One of the best clips ever. It's the embodiment of what I hope and dream of for myself, and for all my sissy sisters. I want to be kissed and touched as she was,just like a woman. A wonderful way to start my day. Thanks Anna. Love you always, Tina


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