Saturday, July 21, 2012

#1386 - LIMITLESS by Annamalice

well my dear sissies.. it's time for me.. to take a moment of relax..
holidays sometime are truly a benediction.. needed, useful and marvellous..
as usual i take a long period of vacation..
3 weeks.. for me.. are not enough.. anyway i'll try to make them sufficient.. ;))
During this long time.. i had two alternatives.. the easier.. to take a pause
the harder.. to program pre-emptively and with much effort, a lot of posts..
just because i'm generous.. i chosen the second chance..
of course.. quality of my notes will be really low.. i have to be syntetic..
and maybe without a daily maintenance.. there will be something wrong.. (be patient)..
as obvious.. i can't answer to your emails.. of course..
Anyway.. just to compensate.. i have created a nice series of hypnofiles..
LIMITLESS.. is a limited edition of hypnotic sissyfication clips..
created expressly for this summer.. and for you only..
melting a lot of different captions.. erotic images and part of different clips..
nothing special, of course.. but.. just to make you understand..
your sissy transformation is just starting.. ;)

Anna Malice


  1. After watching this makes me feel like I can do anything. makes me feel err what's the word? Oh, Limitless! lol Great creation you have made

  2. Lovely, Anna! Some amazing cum and cock pics and vids in there. Thanks, hon!

  3. Your clips just keep getting better and better! really really making me want to suck cock! nice clips and music selection, as always! THANKS!
    oh, and enjoy your vacation!

  4. As always another awesome addition my friend. So love your blog and appreciate all your hard work to keep it going. I find myself thinking about you a lot and checking up on the blog a couple times a day. This addition is full of pretty pictures and if I hadn't already caused some permanent programming to like this sort of thing from years of watching hypno vids in the past I would most certainly be changing from your blog alone.

    Love you,



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