Wednesday, July 11, 2012

#1356 - Transformation 1 by Mandy

I would like to be able to write the best post possible..
for the great hypno premiere of tonight..
it's not question.. of great quality video.. you are watching.. (yes, it is..)
it's for Mandy.. because she was able to touch me with this little masterpiece..
with this sort of personal confession and story..
with her ability to describe common feelings of us all..
the common feelings of a delicious sissy slut.. ;))
Her captions are my toughts.. my wishes.. my soul.. and of you all!
With much pleasure i'm glad to host her first hypno creation..
because she is the absolute protagonist.. with so many others..
in the wonderful pics she was able to mix togheter..
the music choise.. is as much perfect.. sublime increasing of the rythm..
when your fantasies starting to become true.. (FGTH a perfect classic)!!
i loved this clip.. for sure one of my absolute favorite..
with all my heart a sweet kiss to you.. my sweetest hart.. Mandy.. ;))

Anna Malice


  1. That was one of the best I've seen...thank you

  2. I am right there with you honey, thanks. hugs, regina

  3. Absolutely love it & agree with nearly everything in it. the music is great for this too. This has def become an all time fave ;) amazing find hon.

  4. OMG Another masterpiece. It ia ao great being a sissy and getting cock as a reward.


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