Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#1396 - Dungeons e Fetish - TVKRISTINA - learn to lick

Kristina the hottest one.. never seen anyone like her..
I don't wanna spend silly words.. about her beauty..
she is truly special.. and that's enough!!..
more than a sissy.. more than a wonderful shemale..
she is so feminine hot.. beautiful girl!
I'm sure she is the Mistress of your dreams..
of my dreams, for sure! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. hey guys...the audio seems to have screwed up on the xtube video, but you can watch this video on My website too, just visit to see it now!!!

  2. I just got a membership to It's worth every penny, she is breathtaking.

  3. Thanks a bunch Anna for introducing me to tvkristina & you are right ( like you always are aren't you ;)) she is just an undesribable girl.

    Thank you Kristina for the link. Your voice is so awesome I would love to be one of your sucksluts anyday or everyday * giggles * YOU are the mistress of my dreams. That compilation vid was sooo hottt.

    When I am able to I will 100% def join her/your site ( I dunno if she will read these comments too or not )I cant wait to be a pretty girl like her . sooner then later.

    Much love & peace & lust to everyone especially Anna & Kristina - from Noel xoxo & xxx.

  4. OOPS I meant undescribable - >_<

  5. of course I'm reading the makes Me drip to hear sissies kissing My ass...;)

  6. That was so hot, your voice is like sultry yet so playful. Don't think I'd ever be able to tell you weren't born a woman. Wish I was one of the men being taught in this video


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