Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Final update

hello world again..
as you noticed I deleted some widgets..
the most important and precious was for me.. revolvermaps..
the little globe, you noticed on the right of the last column..
I was really affectionated to it.. expecially because the real time updating.. of your presence on my site..
it was able to let us understand we are not alone..
of course i don't need revolvermaps to understand you are more of 500.000 every month..
anyway it was really nice.. to look at how many people.. were connected at the same time!
it made me feel really less alone..
other changes.. deleted clock.. and deleted cloud tags..
Site is going to be much faster.. with less links.. able to cause spam detections..
I restart my blog activity.. tomorrow.. at 2.00 AM..
as usual with the dungeons and fetish category..
I'm continuing my desperate searching of a new place where to be hosted..
in the meanwhile.. I hope to be not banned.. again..
with love

Anna Malice


  1. I am glad your still here. Hopefully you dont get banned again. Thank you so much for dedication to this blog. Now I must go make it cum....

  2. Did you see this?

    "If you create TG or TF Caps and post them on a free blog website like Blogger you are probably aware and concerned about the number of blogs that currently fall foul of anti-spam software, and get suspended or even deleted. TF Media is offering free web hosting for Cappers and offers a host of benefits compared to using a normal blog."

  3. Good luck
    Hope you don't get banned again
    Your blog updates are always a joy to see

  4. Welcum back gurl!!! glad to have you back...
    xxoo Marlana

  5. Thanks a lot for your big work, we are all aware of that;)


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