Thursday, July 19, 2012

#1380 - Cum on now by Felicia Lightner

Restored clip number #377.. lost with others.. with mporn departure..
a big present by Pheonix-Rose! (again many thanks for your precious help)
it's one of the first videos of Felicia.. and for this reason i'm truly affectionated to it..
simply, direct.. i could say.. old style hypnotic.. or.. classic hypnotic style..
with effective captions.. really red passionate.. marvellous mixed with hot shemale clips..
as usual.. there is no way.. to be more perfect.. that simplicity.. ;;)
Please take a look to her site! if you have free time..
sure it deserves your attention ;)

Anna Malice


  1. thanks 4 the video ^_^

  2. i dont know if i have ever have wanted cock in me and cum all over me so badd! *giggles*


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