Friday, July 20, 2012

#1383 - Seduced into CEI

The only proper way to eat your own cum is leg over your head..
i totally agree with this sentence.. because it's the only way..
that not allows to change your idea.. in extremis.. ;))
Seducing and amazing mistress.. she really has something plus..
the cadence of her voice.. the way she moves.. the way she is able to treat you..
with a superb instrumental song on background.. that remembers me 28 days later..
one of the more decent cum eating instruction video.. for a sissy..
because you love to be ordered, to serve and be instructed.. ;))

Anna Malice


  1. WOW she is truly a goddess. I so need to get a laptop or something so I can watch these type of vids & cum on my face & eat it, instead of using a cup ;(.

    Fantastic find - My new favorite & will probably be for a loong loong time. If only to look that good - well one day - anything is possible, right ?

    Thank You multiplied by a trillion Anna - From - Noel xoxo


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