Sunday, July 22, 2012

#1389 - Kimberly - 20 strokes or facial cumblast

From Kimberly... now became a great mistress of pov humiliation..
another sensual clip.. sweet and dangerous..
her persuasive methods. the lovely voice.. posturee and smiling..
were a sort of school practice.. with countdown..
she is able to make you do... everything she wants..
included.. a self facial.. why not?!
don't you like the savour of cum?! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. I absolutely love & lust & adore kimberly. I wish i was her twin. she is so cute & so hott & her voice. I made it to 20 but, i sorta didn't want to make ot eother . Great Great Great vid Anna. Thanks for it. Much appreciation from Noal xoxo

  2. Anna-Thank you for Kimberly link. She is great! I love what she does with her eyes. And yes, her legs, too. :)
    Well, I made it to 18.. lol. Clean-up time :)
    Hug, Sara


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