Wednesday, May 2, 2012

#1199 - Sofia Santos

With the wonderful Sofia Santos.. protagonist of our daily collection..
today i'm really excited.. to share one of my favorite shemale clips..
with a nice prolog.. she plays the role of the call-girl.. and she is simply amazing!
outstanding body, full of passion.. totally dedicated to her client..
i'm sure to have had a lot of orgasms in my past with this video..
just empathizing with her.. and her performing here! ;))

Anna Malice

1 comment:

  1. Hi Anna,
    I just adore your blog. I have been a silent lurker for some time and finally got around to posting.
    Just one thing, the premieres(that I soooo want to see) don't work on an iPhone.
    The only ones watchable are the xvideo and shemaletube links.
    Since the only place I can watch your wonderful posts are on my phone, I feel like I'm missing a lot.
    Also, the shemaletube links you can't watch directly either. I need to go to the actual video site. Sometimes I have a hard time finding these specific videos.
    Maybe you could put the actual title as it appears in shemaletube in your notes?
    Just some ideas but I cum here everyday and I love it.
    Love you! Please keep going!
    Xoxo, Kera


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