Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#1258 - Dungeons e Fetish - Never more

One of my hottest fantasy.. well represented here, for the D&F video of today..
Everytime i watch a Danielle Foxxx clip.. instantly I become really horny inside..
inside.. of course.. without any turn on of my clitty..
something that comes directly from the inner of my soul..
Immediately i need to look for her post operated clips..
my bottom starts to move.. i need to touch my tits.. everything becomes more clear and diffused..
Admiring her delicious new perfect pussy.. i start to dream to be like her..
putting my clitty between my legs.. feeling all its absence.. on my pubic region..
a magnificent sensation of impotence invading me completely..
i feel me so much passive and cute.. totally full of a delicious feminine soul..
would like to admire my past and my present condition.. like in this post..
before and after.. my clit has been cut off..
never more a cumshot masturbation.. never more the possibility to fuck as a real man..
A delicious delirious.. that i liked to share with you.. today.. by this post! ;))
In truth, becouse i'm virgin.. as many of you... sometime, i have some dubts about me..
Am i a really fag or not?!? Have I any chance to be considered still heterosexual?!
Does anyone want gently answer me?!? ;))

Anna Malice


  1. Dear Anna,
    We are nothing. Thats reality.
    We are only what we are at this moment right now, no reason to have to define oneself!
    However, a drastic decision like having your "clit" cut off definitely needs a lot of thinking and maybe the help from a psychologist to undergo the procedure.
    Dont worry about what you are or are not, just feel and youll know.

  2. Jane, even if i perfectly know this is only a fantasy.. many thanks!
    you are delicious.. don't worry about me ;))


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