Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#1259 - Bailey Jay and Domino Presley

well, i'm sure that the daily shemale's clip will satisfy your taste..
because i found a wonderful duo.. between the most delightful..
with the most gorgeous creatures of the shemale world..
..and they not need so much presentations..
this clip is an outstanding concentrate of sensuality, porn and class! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. Domino is so pretty...I wish I could look as good as her someday.

  2. AH! I can't believe it Anna. I have only seen this video in clips & peices & now you on your wonderful blog have the whole thing foe me to watch. You always seem to have the whole video of things I have never seen 100% :D I dont have time to watch this right now but, I sooo totally will & I will comment on it big time. I have a friend (23) well a friend of a friend that lookss soo similar to Bailey Jay ( i've only seen pics & talked to her (Meeting up is difficuly atm)

    I too love DOmino Presely soo much she has always been breath taking to me & I have conected with her. I have done that with a lot of girls in vids. Some I know why & some I dont.

    I think from what I've seen I would sooo def be Domino in this clip if I were ab;e to fullfill my dream of 2 girls having xxxy fun. I know I will do it. even if im unexperienced.

    OK thanks Anna MAJOR FEEDBACK to come L8R ASAP - THANKS - NOEL XoxoXO


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