Sunday, May 20, 2012

#1254 - Ultra Humiliating Bi Stroke Session

Toinght i'm glade to post.. the genre of humiliating clip that i really prefer..
with the wonderful Mistress Kimberly..
helping you to increase your sissy awareness..
using an incredible amazing big cock.. in front of you..
inviting to continue masturbating.. admitting you are a gay faggot!! ;))
no more lies to yourself.. ohh it's always so delicious gay definitive..
to admit to be a fag in front of a woman!

Anna Malice


  1. i appreciate you! You work so hard for us, i am happy to say i love you....

  2. Anna Malice, Sissy extraordinaire! Your stamina maintaining this blog is amazing. Please accept my most sincere thanks for the effort that you take to keep the rest of us informed, entertained and erect. Most bloggers that take on something on the scale of what you do fizzle after a couple of months at most. You, however, my dearest Annamalice, have been doing what you do so well for such a very long time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. I love the way she talks & does these vids. Kimberley is an absolute favorite of mine. She is stunning because of her looks & her attitude & her voice.

    That cawk was mouthwatering I must admit. I am a lezzie girl first ( meaning I love girls & other mtf transsexuals & I love cawk too, so Kimberley must be right that I am gay too or well uhm I guess it would be bi-sexual as the term xD )

    I came & it felt like a triple orgasm. Thanks for this vid. I have only ever seen two of Kimberley's vids before but, I see you have so many of them :D

    THANKX ANNA for your hardwork & your time to do this. Much Love - Noel xoxoxo


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