Saturday, May 19, 2012

#1251 - Sissy cum trainer vol.5 by Scom

By the precious contribution of JL.. many thanks
the restoration of the latest chapter of the superb Scom's saga.. "Sissy cum trainer"
In front to an hypno clip like this... chapeau..
another 20 minutes of hot sequences.. with the best captions for a total induction to cock..
final result is another masterpiece.. that you can't miss..
to watch and re-watch.. to obtain the best sissy practice! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. a good sissy hypno doesnt show girl pussy,, thats all thats wrong with the series.. love you anna you are amazing

  2. wow - beautiful as always Anna! Thank you! Melody x

  3. would love to be able to download this to watch over and over

  4. Great video, I love the series.

  5. it is a rea good series !!! i love them all --a very big turn-on to me


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