Saturday, May 5, 2012

#1209 - Sissymaker by Emma Nice

for tonight a superb hypnotic video as few other..
it's not really a premiere because.. it was uploaded a week ago..
and i'm sure the most of you have already discovered and seen it..
anyway it's one of the most delightful clip i have ever seen.. from my dear friend Emma Nice..
her tecnique and ability are the best.. always incredible, effective and sublime..
with great taste in every detail.. and the best sissification captions..
in a word.. simply a masterpiece!
here posted in the two versions i was able to find.. on xtube and on xhamster! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. i just LUV videos like this! Thanks to trancing daily, living my dream in Second Life, and wearing my panties everyday.... my clitty no longer gets fully hard... watching makes my pussy wink and get damp... i cant watch or cum without jamming my pussy, preparing it for magnificent cock!
    Thank You Anna!!

  2. Very nice, Anna. Keep them coming.

  3. This is really good. Especially full screen in a dark room. Imagine being tied up and impaled on a thick dildo as you are 'forced' to watch it on a loop for hours. :-) Do you think it would have an effect?

  4. Great editing skills, especially with the general hyper-feminine clips. But the captions and shemale clips are quite a crude turn-off

  5. Oh I really love this one, just brilliant.

    I couldnt ask for more than you do for us Anna. Thank you so much for keeping up this wonderful blog. Emily

  6. Thank you Anne for helping me to become the sissy I always wanted to be.


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