Sunday, May 13, 2012

#1233 - POV sissy cocksucker humiliation by Minxie

Our heroine.. Miss Minxie.. tonight, returns with an amazing humiliating clip..
explicit involving into a sissy confession.. admission.. conversion..
in front of wonderful images of cocks.. you will be convinced.. to play with a dildo..
and a lot of beautiful sissy things.. ;)
Final, after a lot of clips.. i think Minxie is one of the most effective mistress.. and i learnt to love her!
of course, you are right, Minxie.. i'm a sissy fag! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. anna i dont like this....
    i am in love with it! yay! *giggles*

  2. I would love to worship Miss Minxie & have her be my mistress & I be her cock sucking whore. I would love to please her & those cocks I saw. That is one of my fantasies is having a girl have me suck cock while making her & him both happy. I loved her lingerie & her body. I donot have any atm but, my friend said she wants to buy me some stuff so maybe soon. :D & I will be getting a dildo asap. I didn't eat my cum but will next time I wanted to cum & eat it but I can atm. THanks Anna love all the vids on your blog & you too of course - Noel xoxox


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