Monday, May 14, 2012

#1234 - Dungeons e Fetish - Models & Fucked

From Tia Tizzianni another fabolous video..
today with a great Guest Star.. Kaiti Kitty
of course I adore Tia's videos.. I love her way to corrupt and to involve boys..
to the magnificent "cocksluts way".. and in a so no going back way.. ahah ;))
It's not the case of Kaiti.. because she is a goddess... and no needs presentations!
Anyway i'm sure.. if Tia was closer to me.. i'ld become her trasformed gurl!
and sure.. i allowed her to post my transformation video on her fabolous gallery collection..
Transformed sissy, converted to cock, and well exposed fag-shame i would like to become! ;))

Anna Malice

ps of course, while i was writing this note, thinking to Tia.. it was so hard to resist to cum! but as the good chastitized sissy i'm.. i didn't cum.. ;))


  1. it's just so amazing and gorgeous...

  2. She's a NATURAL! I am hoping she decides to further her career in film...

  3. That video was so hot i love how she was tied up.


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