Friday, July 1, 2011

#332 - BBC Sissy Trainer 1.0 by MichelleNY

Another great premiere tonight, by Michelle from NY.
I never seen before this hot hypnotic video and in my opinion it's really hot!
Something quiet different, a BBC trainer effective indeed!
I want to send a special kiss to Michelle so kind to join her video with me.
thanks a lot mu dear friend from the deepest of my heart, I love you! ;))
well, followers, don't be shy, send your comments, please.

Anna Malice

PS don't miss the video premiere of tomorrow evening, by me ;))


  1. I started as a curious straight w/m, but the more of your vids I watch..I feel the transformation within me, my once tight pecs are turning into puffy little sissy boobs that need a real man to suck and pinch little dick is now more like a clit....I only wear panties now (god I love how they feel) I worship cock and can't wait to give up my virgin ass to a hung stud...mmmm thank you Anna I couldnt be happier

  2. The best hypno file!


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