Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#410 - Cospiracy

In the last times i read a lot of strange theories about mind conditioning and forced feminization.
The most of them speaks about strange mysterious free sites on line,
where latent inclinations are used to transform boys and men in perfect sissy faggots.
how could it be possible?!
by sophisticated subliminal tecniques conducing the victims to a full addiction and mind control!
this kind of hypothetic tecniques should introduce hypnotic messages
inside the common erotic clips and porn videos.. with a slowly but effective and definitive result.
why should anyone use these methods?!?
for example, as suggest my dear friend Issy Doll, lobby of porn industries.. are always in search of new trannies to use in their hot clips low cost.. and as you know cute cheap trannies are not so common.. these companies, having no qualms, should be creating false blogs/sites to attract their innocent preys trasforming them by these strange subliminal tecniques.
In any case, these methods shouldn't be a recent scientific discover.. but the result of two decades of developing and refining tecniques, by experiments conduced by the intelligence the most important countries of the world.. made to have a perfect total mind control on people in generally; now employed by the powerful lobby of porn.
I don't really know anything about this kind of sophisticated tecniques, this should be a real dangerous world cospiracy! As you know i don't really want to transform me or any others in a perfect sissy faggot. oh, really not!! ;))
Anyway i recently discover on a strange site , some secret files about this theory.. and i invite you to watch the video of tonight to share to you my fears about.
a big kiss to Issy! ;)))

Anna Malice


  1. Very interesting thing. My name is Cristi and I thank you for bringing all of this videos to us.

  2. It looks like a fine establishment to me. Does anyone know if Impero is accepting new applicants at the moment?-pussyboi

  3. Nicely done piece of work..

  4. I Think it is a interesting concept with the advances in what we know about the brain it might be possible with some people.

    If you can be made to do something so against your nature just by one programing.

    Then anyone with this science could extract any information they needed or wanted from anyone.

    Couple this with chemical induced relaxants

    Glad I am just A Cock Slut bimbo with just Cock on my Brain

  5. please tell me how to contact this group id like to be a sissy gurl and have my ass used and used


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