Saturday, July 16, 2011

#375 - Dungeons e Fetish - Chastity

I really like chastity.. is the only way for a sissy to be a girl for real.
Every erotic sensation you feel become a little drop of juicy precum,
while your little clitty remains little and totally off.. even if it would explode in your panties!
Chastity lears to you.. what means to be passive and obedient.. as you have to be!
D&F collection of today is dedicated to a good video about..
even if a real sissy always prefers to cum only from anal! ;))
have a great day!

Anna Malice


  1. Delightful! I'm sure the neighbors could hear that pathetic little sissy's cock cage rattling a block away! How humiliating!

  2. oh, how i wish this was me! i need to have a Keyholder take control of me and only grant this kind of release. She is so lucky!

  3. mmm mai provata la cintura, ma con te credo che proverei di tutto Anna! :D

  4. At first I thought this sissy bitch was cheating. Taking the undeserved liberty of giving herself a cummie despite her chastity device. But then i realized that she took away her ability to stroke her clit as if it was a real cock and was forced to cum only by using a vibrator applied to her clit like real girls do.
    Genious! Time to take your emasculation to the next step sissies- get that cock cage on and only allow yourself to cum like the feminized bitch that you are!-pussyboi

  5. Wonderfull video!!! - I wish this was me ...


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