Saturday, July 16, 2011

#377 - Cum on now by Felicia Lightner

Day by day I'm always here entertaining you..
and you are here with me to let you entertain!
Today is saturday.. it's the right day to have a party..
to invite dear friends, and to eat, to drink and to have fun!
tonight I want to invite you to better know my dear friend Felicia,
take a look to her blog.. it's in a continuos changing
and she is always able to surprise you!
if you never tried.. watch her presets.. they are simply fabolous!
like an hypno video.. but maybe more of that! ;)
well, now that's all!
enjoy her wonderful hypno clip selected for you tonight! ;)

Anna Malice


  1. who is that gorgeous chick at 0:51? wowza! tks as always anna.

  2. I have watch this one so many times on Felicia`s Blog nice thanks for posting it up here.

    Keep up the good work and Thanks for what you did.

    Love Ya Carla

  3. Like always a fantastic work Felicia! Thank you for your hard work! Like always kisses to the lovley Anna! Keep going sister!!!!

  4. we love this, good work, thanks ,
    cum diet, gorgeous, pleasure, yes,
    relax,enjoy, it feels so good

  5. Oh yeah...come on now...Oh yeah! Another juicy video from the talented and provacative mind of Miss Felicia. The meeting of hot throbbing cocks with tight sissy-ass just makes me quiver with delight! Que delicioso- pussyboi

  6. YAY ! Another super hott sexy vid by Felicia. I love all of her work. Thank you Felicia ! & THank you Anna ! Love ya both so much from Noel xoxo.

  7. I love this one - I so wish I was one of those sexy girl-bois getting manhandled by all that delicious, leaking cock

    I am so horny!!!!!

    I Love you Anna

  8. Just ran across this one and, my god, is it awesome! Practically all the clips are absolutely delicious and both the hard cocks and sissys are jewels to behold. Not too big on the soundtrack, but I could watch the video repeated all day!

  9. Hi Hon,
    thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful files.
    I'm a sissyslut from germany and totally adicted to this files. i must watch them allthe time.
    cum dripping kisses

  10. lol, what a wonderful video, I prepped myself with this for an irl encounter, and it totally set the groove for the evening, ty Anna!!

  11. Thank you for this wondeful video. Watching it i´m felling woman and i need a big cock now. Kisses


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