Wednesday, July 13, 2011

#367 - Aline Santos

Aline Santos (AKA: Alini), woow.. what a fabolous femme!
One of the hottes ass never seen before!
enjoy her in the shemale's video of today!

Anna Malice


  1. THanks Anna she is absolutley amazing !

    I hope to look like her & have the type of fun she is having 1 day very soon. Thanks so much for this video.

    Love Noel xoxo.

  2. Aline Santos is a stunning example of feminized beauty. With large full breasts and a nice round ass she has a body I for one would die to have! Ohh what I would give to look like her- truely amazing! Here, like any good femme-boi, she submissively offers her ass for the enjoyment of two well-endowed dominant men. After loosening her sissy hole with a dildo the rest of the movie is spent giving our little boi-princess a series of milk enemas- not exactly my cup of tea. It wasn't until about 26 minutes in that Aline finally gets to enjoy one of those fine cocks deep in her ass-pussy. i'm sure she was as disappointed as I, a waste of some fine talent if you ask me.- pussyboi


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