Thursday, July 21, 2011

#392 - Princess Sera - Cum swap my Boy friend cum

Tonight the great return of Princess Sera.
really nice and interesting pov humiliation video, with something 3D!

Anna Malice

PS: A blog's birthday, today! five months ago, infact, I started alone with my first post!
391 posts after, i'm here again with much more friends and followers! thanks you! ;)
In truth, hypno files to post, for now, are near to be finished, and after 5 long months, as you easily understand, I'm really really tired.
I put everything of myself in this adventure, all my free time.. more then 4 hours every day! It been a pleasure to please you! I never asked you donations and I never had publicity on my blog! To know you like and enjoy what I chose for you every day.. it has always been my best satisfaction!
Anyway this is not a professional site and i'm not able to go on in eternity! five months of daily posting should be a big effort for everyone, expecially for a single person! Maybe I need one or more co-administrators, i don't know! For sure.. what i need more in this moment is an holiday!.. and enough long to re-take energies! So I'll take a pause during the month of august! I dont know if i'll have forces enough to re-start on the first of September; Anyway the 31th of july it'll be my last post! number #422!
I'm sorry! I'm sure, you'll be able to understand me! ;)
with love Anna


  1. Have a great vacation - you deserve it! - but PLEASE cum back . . . things just will not be the same without you. :)

  2. Anna--

    You do deserve a vacation! But to echo Sissy Princess...PLEASE cum back! We need you and all your deliciousness! We want you, we desire you and we love you...

    Thank you for everything!

  3. Don't go Baby.

    We all love you!!!!

  4. Thanks Anna - enjoy your holiday! I hope you come back luv; maybe even once a week instead of everyday would be a good thing...better to have a little of you than none of you! :D mmuaaah

  5. You'll be back girl're as addicted as we are!
    Have fun during your holidays sweetie!

  6. I love your blog a lot. You're an inspiration to all of us. Perhaps in september, you could post less, instead of daily. But your posts will be still very valuable. I thank you what you gave us. You gave us a lot with your heart and spirit. I'm only a follower for a short time, but I can see how much time you spend on this blog. I also see how much people sincerely love you.

  7. Hi Anna sweety! I read your comments above and i can completely understand you being tired, but I don't know why you feel that you have to post new material on a daily basis. Such a task would eventually exhaust anyone. I couldn't do it. This is supposed to be fun, not a chore. Take a break and work at your web site whenever you feel up to it. Your fans DO appreciate everything you've accomplished with this blog. This is truely an outstanding collection that you've been able to put together. Take a break! Then after you have rested approach this blog like a hobby, something you enjoy doing. Maybe a couple times per week-maybe more, maybe less- depending on how YOU feel at the moment. You really don't have to approach this as relentlessly as you have been. Hugs, kisses, and much gratitude-pussyboi

  8. Today Anna's gift to us is the return of Her Royal Highness. While correctly being on our knees before her glory, the Princess proceeds to hurl abuse at us. She called me a sissy, a faggot, a pussy boy(correct so far). She informed me of how pathetic my cock and balls are-especially when compared to Marcus's monster cock!-"Yes, Your Majesty, how right you are!" But Rat-boy? Now that hurt! What did I do to deserve such harsh abuse? She then informs us that in honor of Marcus's special day, she intends to gently awaken him by "polishing his trophy"-and so that we may partake in the celebration, the Princess has a special treat for us. We may once again have the privelage to sample some of Marcus's "superior cum"! What an honor! I can hardly wait! She tells us that we should be able to hear Marcus's screams of ecstasy as she bestows her favors upon such a well deserving specimen of masculinity as we are told that Marcus is. But unfortunately the video is cut, and we are left only to wonder about the heights of his pleasure at the hands(or mouth) of the Princess. Too bad! The video resumes with the return of the Princess, mouth seemingly full of Marcus's divine product, and proceeds to pass it to us by dribbling some saliva/liquid? near the lens. Now I don't mean to sound ungrateful but it's hardly the massive load we were lead to believe a superior virile stud like Marcus should be able to produce(see post #359). Her mouth now emptied of its sweet offering, we are then commanded( as if we really need to be told) not to waiste a single drop of Marcus's heavenly "love seed". To savor the flavor that we may know what a REAL MAN tastes like! Once again I must fall to my knees in gratitude for the generous gift as well as the much needed education the Princess has given me! LONG LIVE THE PRINCESS! MAY SHE REIGN FOREVER!-pussyboi

  9. Anna you work way to hard for this bog. Like others have said a new thing here & there each week is more then fine. I mean every day 3 new vids a day that's crazy work for anyone ! You more then deserve & I hope you have a super fun & wonderful vacation. Rest , relax, & have fun sweetie. There are more then enough vids here to keep us gurls busy for a long time so dont work so hard in the future ok ?

    Take Care & thanks for all of your dedication to this blog. love ya for eternity from Noel xoxo.

  10. Anna you are a treasure! Thank you for all your time and effort!

    Here's a link I found that you might want to post - maybe save you some time searching I hope...

    How best can we assist you?


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