Thursday, July 7, 2011

#350 - BBC trainer

hot hot hot BBC trainer tonight, of course, an original run offered by this blog!
duration and captions are cool and effective, i think you'll like it a lot!
I would like to dedicate this video expressly to Jamal! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. A great BBC trainer, all I can think about is huge black cocks pumping cum into my mouth (well, truthfully, I thought about it a lot before the the video too). Now, all I have to find an owner of a BBC who wants me to serve him in all sorts of kinky ways. We all must have goals in life.

    Thanks for your effort,

  2. great sissy, love panties, love high heels, be fab
    be fag, thongs, dont resist, lovee , obey, yes
    sissy semen diet, gOOd cum diet, yes , sweetie
    love fem sissy, want to serve, serve serve
    mOOre girlish, mOOre pleasure, eat cum, yes
    that's it sissy training to be happy

  3. First, I want to congratulate my lovley sister Anna, for over 1.000.000 viewers! This is incredible honey, WOW! Thank you so much, for all your effort and work! I love you :-)
    Second I wonder, if there is any sissy here, especially young ones, that got the taste for black cocks here, trough the training videos? I was anyway a black cock slut before, but we had so many trainers the last time, that even on me it increased my devotion to black cocks.
    Sweet Kisses, Lola

  4. Is this video available on xVideos? How do I find it?

  5. OH GOD I love this & well all BBC trainers.

    & Yes Lola I did get hooked on black cock through these & other BBC trainers.

    I was going to post for Lola how young I look & act & how young I am but, Im afraid of people I know online recognizing it's me since I post it a lot online on other places so, if you want to know just have Anna email me & I'll have her tell you.

    Thanks as Always Anna.

    Love you & your blog so much. Take care sweetie.

    Hugs & Kisses Noel. xoxo

  6. NOEL, please write me:
    I would like to know more about it...
    Huggs, Lola

  7. Nice video. I hope that you watch it often, love.


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